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Healing Hut on site at PATT Foundation Charity, Green Task Force Site

PATT Foundation Website: https://pattfoundation.org/

The PATT Foundation is an environmental charity, operated predominantly by military and blue light veterans. It provides engagement, employment and therapeutic services (via the Green Task Force) for veterans and the community at large.

I have been a part of this organisation for over 3 years, organising art based events for the ‘One Hull Of Forest’ branch of the charity.

This also includes the Project Management and delivery of a wellbeing programme called the“Nature Nurture”group. This work utilised a range of therapeutic tools to support a range of mental health issues.

This therapeutic work includes, nature based therapy, meditation, art based tools, counselling and psychosocial therapy.

There is a space created at the Healing Hut for individuals that are sometimes isolated and unable to access social support.

There are options for both formal and informal therapeutic support with a qualified, experienced and registered practitioner. This is often the service that is most needed, which has been adversely affected by the austerity measures. Service users comment that in the community, they are often sign posted for support, when all they want is someone to speak to right now.

The benefit of the therapy offered in the Healing Hut, is that if a service user feels stressed or overwhelmed, and they do not want to talk about the problem, then do not have to. There is a cup of tea and a
general “chit chat” available, or there is Energy Healing.

This healing technique allows the service user to enjoy the relaxing, calming experience whilst having the release of lower energies that can contribute to anxiety and stress.

Service users, (veterans included) describe improvements in sleep, in pain management, in overall energy levels and “feeling more like my old self again”.

There are a range of psychotherapeutic treatments available using Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP, including Rewind Treatment for PTSD. My qualification is guaranteed with registration at the CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council). This provides GP’s and other medical practitioners reassurance for quality standards, when they refer patients to me.

I provide some donation sessions for those on a low income or to veterans and students. I offer some of my sessions for the charity and being on site, means there is a drop in service for the service users.

For those that can afford to pay, please see the Treatments Page for more information.

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