“In a few decades, scientists have gone from a conviction that there is no such thing as an energy field around the human body, to an absolute certainty that it exists. Moreover, science is explaining the roles of energy fields in health and disease.” James Oschman PhD

Face to face appointments in Hull (Preston area)

Online appointments

Hello and thank you for reading my page on Intuitive Energy Healing. I am currently building my Youtube Channel, which has various recordings of Meditation, Hypnosis, and Energy Healing.

Please enjoy them for free, using this link. https://www.youtube.com/@suzannahmiller8441/featured

*Information in this webpage pertains to healing methods, and I am not a medical doctor, nor am I offering medical advice. This information is not intended to substitute medical advice in any way, therefore, always consult your GP with any medical issues. Energy healing can be used for wellbeing as a stand-alone practice and in support of medicinal practice.


As an “intuitive healer”, I act as a channel of natural universal source energy, creating the intention, space and opportunity for the client to self-heal. So despite using the term healer, no one is really a healer, only a conduit, who is using the intelligent energy that is available to us for self-healing.


Historically, there are stories in sacred texts of Jesus and Buddha using this energy in healing. It is therefore, an ancient art, and some schools of Qigong believe this type of healing dates back as far as 6,000 years.

I use the term intuitive healer, because I largely work intuitively. I go to where I am guided to in the session.


Energy healing can heal many different ailments on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I see improvements in clients with chronic pain, fatigue, low mood, anxiety, grief and much more. The work I do has a role in removing lower vibrational energies that may be affecting an individual’s wellbeing. The techniques I use can assist this removal quickly, allowing the client to feel happier and more energised.

The beauty of energy healing is that the client does not need to discuss their issues with the healer, for it to be effective. The healing energy that I channel is intelligent and will go to where it is most needed for the highest good of the individual.


When we spend the time to focus inwards, or to receive healing, we ultimately promote peace in our mind, body and soul. Tuning in to your body, by focusing on the breath or by truly relaxing while we are guided through a healing session, we can experience inner peace. If this is part of a routine of self-care, it can be most beneficial.

“The seed of suffering may be strong, but don’t wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy” Buddha.

In my years of Buddhist practice, I was taught that if we just bring peace to the heart of one individual, we slowly but surely bring peace to the world via one heart, and one mind at a time. That always resonated with me and influenced my journey into energy healing.


I am trained to use energy healing with animals, and I have used it for the family pets (alongside the veterinarian care). Our pets did benefit from this healing. If you would like me to offer animal healing, I can do this in person, or remotely, so feel free to make contact.


My intention when I offer the healing is to bring inner peace, and harmony to individual beings. It is my experience that spending time healing, using whatever modality you prefer is an act of self-love. It is taking the time out from your busy lives, responsibilities and the frequently chaotic world to tune in to yourself. This allows us to understand what we truly need, and becoming more self-reliant.


It’s hard to remember where my interest in the concept of energy came from. I’m not sure if my healing therapies influenced this journey, or the experiences of having energy healing myself. However, I recall my father being interested in metaphysics and teaching me about collective consciousness when I was a teenager. My father gave me a Taoist book on self-healing many years ago and I was always interested in the Traditional Chinese Medicine. I found acupuncture to be effective, when I lived in London.

It’s hard to know where it all began, but people have always come to me to talk and have told me that this has had a healing effect upon them. Remarkably, a synchronistic conversation took me to see a local energy healer in around 2020. In this session, I received healing and the healer told me he thought I was a healer also, so I began exploring the subject of energy more deeply.

A few weeks later, I had the random thought to visit the spiritualist church (for no apparent reason). It just seemed to be something I needed to do. I was really impressed how the healer (at the church) seemed to stop the severe shoulder pain (tendinitis) I was experiencing. I had not been paying attention to solving the pain when I went to the church, and felt more of a curiosity to go to the church in Hull.

Nonetheless, I soon noticed the pain had stopped later that day, despite not really feeling anything whilst having this healing. In that session, I just felt really relaxed and didn’t notice anything remarkable about the 30 minute experience. I have since trained in the arts of healing and I visit an energy healer on a frequent basis.


After many years of debilitating symptoms and many tests (all revealing nothing physically wrong) I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. There could be various explanations as to the cause of this devastating set of symptoms, but that’s beyond this particular webpage. The symptoms were often so bad, that I spent almost one year in bed (for the majority of my week). I would work for one day and spend two days in bed, too exhausted to function. There were a few life changes that supported becoming well again, but in order to maintain this wellness, I regularly use healing.

During the healing, it’s as if something lifts off of me, like a great weight. My energy levels and my mood lift. I feel like a new woman. I usually get amazing physical sensations, during healing, that let me know it is happening. I have also fallen asleep on occasion. In the early healing session, my body had to purge. Initially, I did feel cold like symptoms in those first couple of sessions. That no longer appears to happen. But, I can feel a bit tired for a day if there has been a lot of deep healing happening.


In person sessions

I have my own clinic room (the Healing Hut), based in Preston, Hull. I am on the PATT Foundation site, directly opposite the Sandhill’s Garden Centre. The Healing Hut is used uniquely for healing and has a beautiful energy. The large windows allow for the natural sunlight and my clients can either relax on the heated bed (fully clothed and under a blanket) or on my hypnotherapy chair (if sitting is preferred).

I mostly use hands off healing and work within the energy body. I will use touch if guided and at the client’s prior consent. I may also place crystals on top of the blanket, which is covering the client, as I send energy from a hands-off position. Again, the use of crystals is at the discretion of the client and is not necessary for effective healing to happen.

My personal style uses a short, guided meditation to ease the client into a relaxed state. I have found this promotes deep relaxation, which provides a greater opportunity to heal. So, I give my clients this extra experience as part of their healing. I may also use essential oils, sage and other sacred tools in my work.

60 minute and 30 minute sessions are available.

Online or remote sessions

I offer online sessions and I can also send healing using a photograph sent via Wassap/text. This works as powerfully as in person.

What to expect in a remote session?

My clients find a comfortable space to sit or lie down and point the phone or laptop towards their upper body/face, so I can see them as I channel the energy to them. Some clients use a second devise to listen to relaxing background music as I do the remote healing. Overall, the client has a relaxing healing experience without using any time or energy to travel to my clinic.

60 minute and 30 minute sessions are available.


Individual sessions £3.33 (1 hour), or £22.22 for 30 minutes

Donation sessions available for those in financial hardship (please enquire before booking a session).

Your investment pays for my time, the usual business expenses and tools that I use during the healing sessions.

It also allows me the opportunity to offer vital energy donations to the PATT Foundation Charity (10% of my income, and individual sessions for the service users). The charity plant trees (35,000 in 2022) to improve the environment and provides paid employment for military and blue light veterans. The charity also works with various members of the community who volunteer their services to support the environmental work.

My location is on the PATT Foundation site (directly opposite Sandhill’s Garden Centre, Wyton Road, Preston, Hull, HU12 8TY). Therefore, I am available for the veterans to drop in for support if they need it.


Please allow a day of rest after the healing, if possible. Drink plenty of water, and where possible eat fresh fruit, vegetables and avoid alcohol, meat or processed foods for a little while after.

Some people find it beneficial to do this before treatment also, to allow their body more opportunity for self-healing. The less heavy dense food, or toxins the body has to process, the more energy it can invest into healing.

Please be aware that you may feel tired, or have a runny nose, or mild cold symptoms afterwards, if your body has to purge some energy. Please make contact with me, via text if you have any aftercare questions.

Are you ready to find out exactly how intuitive energy healing can help you? Then send me a text/call me on 0783 322 8414 email me on e. info@shs-hypnotherapy.co.uk