Hull Clinic in HU9 Area – COVID safe face to face appointments available (depending upon issue)

On-Line therapy available (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype)

Free telephone consultation (30 minutes)

Individual Sessions: Have been reduced by £20 due to pandemic

£50 per session weekdays
£60 after 5pm and weekends
Previously were £70/£80 respectively

Smoking Cessation: £170 for 2 sessions (3/4 days apart)

Weight loss package 6 sessions: Special offer paid upfront £270

Home Visits: currently unavailable due to pandemic


.Smoking Cessation
.Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
.Weight loss
.Public Speaking
.Performance (sport, music etc)
.Exam stress
.Job Interview Confidence
.Driving Test Confidence
.Personal/Relationship Confidence
.Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
.Relationship Issues
.Women’s Issues
.Premenstrual Tension (PMT)
.Autoimmune Conditions

*may require joint intervention with a GP.
**there are some mental health conditions which are exempt from treatment with clinical hypnotherapy. This is because, hypnotherapy is not recommended by the governing body. More information is available on request.


.Bedwetting (Enuresis)
.Nail Biting
.Concentration Issues
.Anger Management
.Sibling relationships
.Step-parent difficulties
.Exam nerves
.Eating issues


.Athletic ability
.Creativity enhancement
.Fear of doctors/dentists

.Grief and loss
.Low self-esteem
.Memory problems

.Nervousness and nervous habits
.Nightmares/Sleep Walking
.Performance anxiety
.School problems
.Sleep disorders
.Speech difficulties
.Suicidal thoughts
.Uncontrollable anger
.Weight issues


Children are capable of more. Children have innate resources to be tapped into and directed towards meaningful goals. Children are much more than their symptoms or their diagnosis. Children are naturally orientated towards growth (Lyons, 2015).

Children respond very well to hypnosis and remarkable change can be witnessed, even in the lightest state of trance. The methods of inducing a child into hypnosis include the use of stories and imagination. In fact, I describe hypnosis to the child, as just listening to a story and using your imagination. It’s just like daydreaming. The child is able to close their eyes or keep them open, whatever they feel comfortable with. In younger children especially, they seldom remain still in their chair. The hero in the stories I tell to the children will be the child in front of me. I describe relaxing and empowering scenarios that solve problems for the hero (the child client).

The children are free to play with toys or colour in pictures whilst we discuss the difficulties or ‘things the child would like to improve’. This prevents them from becoming bored when listening to the adults talking. It also allows me to get to know what the child is interested in and whom their favourite cartoon characters/singers are. I can then use this information to create personalised hypnotic stories. An example of this was using an Ariana Grande story to remove a very severe dog and cat phobia that was manifesting into panic attacks.


Whilst the hypnotherapy is child-centred the parent is fully involved in the therapeutic process. Parents mostly remain in the room throughout the treatment. However, with older children I am open to allowing parents to wait in the waiting room, if the child requests this. This can allow the young person to speak freely about their experiences, especially if they feel embarrassed about them.

I have over 20 years experience working with children and adolescents and am a qualified paediatric hypnotherapist. The diploma was gained by the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy. I am also fully insured and hold an enhanced DBS check (police clearance). I am also a fully trained safeguarding professional so am experienced in working with particularly challenging cases.

Following hypnotherapy with me, parents and carers have described their children as ‘more confident’, ‘more energetic’, ‘better self-esteem’, ‘more positive’, ‘having more fun with their friends’. ‘Being just like their old self’ is also a common description I hear after treatment with me.



I have clinic appointments available in Hull and London. I am currently based in Hull but visit London around once per month.

I lived in London for nearly 20 years and return for work, due to client recommendations. Clients can therefore relax in luxurious clinic rooms or have a home visit, on prior arrangement. This may include being recommended to me from a client or a friend.

In London, I have hypnotised clients from parliament and media backgrounds. My discreet and professional service also entrusted me with services personnel.

My clients can rest assured that I am qualified and fully insured with an up to date DBS check.

At Suzannah Hypnotherapy Solutions I aim to treat clients within 1-6 sessions. I pride myself in discharging clients when they have made the desired beneficial change.

Some clients with severe anxiety have required only 2 hypnotherapy sessions (* individual results may vary). Rather than continuing with a client who feels better, I have informed them they need no further treatment.

With this level of integrity my clients recommend me or re-book for other issues because they can see I am not just after their money. Helping people and the joy it brings me is why I have been in therapeutic practice for 20 years.

Are you ready to find out exactly how solution focussed hypnotherapy can help you? Then send me a text/call me on 0752 635 0213 email me on e.