Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective method of creating positive changes in behaviours, feelings and perceptions.

Clinical hypnosis uses relaxation techniques to help you focus your attention inwards, in a safe and calm way. The treatment involves using psychotherapeutic techniques, positive language and reframing to give your deeper mind new instructions, on how you want to live your life.

The solution focused treatment works by challenging belief systems that may have created behaviour patterns that are no longer serving you, for your highest and best good. It also releases thoughts and feelings that may have been causing you the dis-ease in your mind or body.

There are different techniques available and each client is treated individually. I work in a person-centred way with the client to ascertain personal goals for improvement, and the treatment is tailored towards the individual person.


According to the Heinemann English Dictionary;

“Hypnosis is a sleep like or entranced condition, in which sensations like pain are reduced and the patient becomes more relaxed, with increased susceptibility to suggestion”.

Hypnosis dates back to ancient Egypt and Greece. There are references dating back to 2600BC in Chinese Medicine (Wong Tai) and in the Hindu Vedas written around 1500BC.


More recently, James Braid became a pioneer of hypnosis (1795 – 1860) and the British Medical Association acknowledged support for therapeutic hypnotism in 1955.

Since then, there have been standards and practice regulations with governing bodies to ensure ethics are adhered to (CNHC, GHR).

I am a registered practitioner with both of these governing bodies. My BSc (Hons) Psychology Degree, is also recognized by the British Psychological Society.



We all go into a trance state every day, whilst reading, watching television, driving and daydreaming. So, it is a very natural state and you are very much awake, but with an internal focus.

During a trance your brain waves go into the alpha (light hypnosis) and theta (deep hypnosis) states. This allows you to remain highly focused on hypnotic suggestions and imagery while the thinking brain state (beta state) is essentially quietened down. This allows hypnotic suggestions to be accepted by the mind more easily.

You only need to be in a light trance for it to be effective. It also allows memories to be more accessible, providing an opportunity to remove the emotional impact, in a safe, detached way whilst feeling calm and relaxed.

Think of the times when you see a child watching cartoons on the TV; when the child is mesmerized by the colours and images in front of them. Not only do they appear unable to hear you, when you are trying to get their attention, but they become a sponge for the content of the cartoon. Often learning the cartoon off by heart. We use this same level of focus to teach your mind new ways of thinking, whilst you are awake (but very relaxed).

In a clinical hypnotherapy session at the Healing Hut, you will be sitting comfortably (fully clothed and with a blanket for comfort) your eyes will most likely be closed, but you are still fully conscious of what the therapist is saying.

There is no risk of telling the therapist something you do not want them to know whilst in a hypnotic state. Unlike the stage hypnosis acts, you are very much in control of yourself in clinical hypnosis. You are fully aware of what is going on a round you, and ‘not out of it’ as they portray on the TV. Clinical hypnosis is self-hypnosis, where you use the therapists soothing voice as a guide.

If you are reading this, I imagine that you are ready to make positive changes in your thoughts, feelings and behaviours?


Are you ready to take the first step in your journey of freedom from bad habits, overwhelming anxiety, phobias, trauma, low mood, depression symptoms, relationship issues (such as jealousy/self-esteem) and much more?

I specialize in anxiety, PTSD, phobia’s, grief, self-confidence, stress and low mood.

Anxiety (for example) could be impacting upon you in many ways. You may be feeling under stress, have low confidence, find it hard to concentrate at work, or simply haven’t been feeling like you’re your old self.

This disempowerment can then create low mood and a feeling of being unmotivated at work, in your social life and your lacking a sex drive. These can all be signs and symptoms of anxiety.


Grief and all of it’s stages are a natural part of the human condition. So the ups and downs, and all the different stages of grief are normal.

For example, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance are all the bodie’s natural responses to grief.

Nonetheless, we sometimes just need a little bit of extra support. Sometimes just having someone who is not a family member or a friend to talk to, who can then aid us with the therapeutic methods mentioned in this page can really help.

Without ever intending to, I began to receive a lot of referrals from clients who have experienced the loss of a loved one, and who maybe struggling to come to terms with this loss.

The clients I have supported have found this support beneficial, and have improved other symptoms that may have been worsened since losing their loved one.

Sometimes, especially in the case of a sudden loss, the mind can go into the stress state of fight or fight. This can then create anxiety, which makes the grieving process more painful. Using hypnotherapy can really help you adjust to your new circumstances. In some cases, I combine the hypnotherapy with the energy healing (see my page on energy healing for more information) to provide release on the emotional and spiritual bodies. This is always with your consent, but clients remark on how comforting this feels.


If you feel that I could be the right therapist for you, then reach out, for a free telephone consultation. This no obligation phone call will help you to decide if I am the right therapist for you.

After making initial contact we can arrange a free 20 minute telephone consultation, where I gather some background information. This means that our first appointment (if we chose to work together) can be a treatment session.

The free initial telephone consultation will also help me to understand what is troubling you, and if I can help. I can sign post you to other therapists, if your issue is outside my clinical interests or expertise.

I am a small independent business, without administrative support, so text, email, or leave a voicemail and I will reply as soon as I am available.

There is a list of treatments, but please make contact if there are problem behaviours (usually associated with hypnosis) that you cannot see on my list.

Some advertising platforms restrict the treatments therapists can offer, due to various policies that apply in the country the advertising platform is registered in. This has prevented me from adding treatments people might want to stub out, in order to use certain advertising platforms. So just reach out if you want help with something that is not listed. If I am unable to treat your issue, I will recommend a therapist who can.


Ever wondered if you can be hypnotised, or feel unsure of the experience, after watching stage hypnotism? Just watch the video provided for more information. It explains how a Clinical application of an age-old therapy has no embarrassing stage stunts involved. The video can also help you to decide if my voice is calming for you.

If the information on my website resonates with you (if it feels right or makes you curious) and then call me for a free telephone consultation. Text if I don’t answer and I will return your message ASAP.

I also invite you to enjoy a free relaxation journey using the YouTube link to my YouTube channel.

Link to my YouTube Chanel with free stuff



My therapeutic career spans over two decades. I have been privileged to work with individuals from high profile backgrounds in a range of clinical and educational settings. For example, clients/patients in NHS settings and private practice. All of this work was undertaken with the highest level of confidentiality and data security in multidisciplinary teams.

During my 18 years living in London, I have hypnotised clients from parliamentary and media backgrounds. I am currently providing a discreet and non-judgemental service with members of the medical community, blue light personnel, and veterans referred via the PATT Foundation and the Green Task Force (see my page on PATT Foundation for more information).

My clinic room (The Healing Hut) is based on a site used by various members of the community. This allows for discretion, as my work is varied and I meet different people for different reasons.

Nonetheless, if you prefer more discretion, we can arrange an appointment in a neutral location. This may incur further costs, but can be negotiated on an individual basis.

There are also online appointments available.


The psychotherapeutic techniques I have used in hundreds of client sessions are evidence based, using techniques such as the Rewind technique for PTSD and Phobias (see the page listed above for more information).

However, I am also an intuitive healer, trained in methods such as Reiki and Pure Energy Healing. Therefore, I work with the client as an individual and respond in a person centred way to whatever the client brings to each session, using a Solution Focused Approach.


Everyone is unique and so too is his or her experience. There is always a different way to see a situation, and working together, we can assist your deeper mind to realise this and to begin self-healing.


Individual results vary. So, it is safe to say 2 – 6 sessions, depending upon the nature of the issues. Some clients with severe presentation of anxiety symptoms (HADS scale) have seen a major improvement in 2 sessions. But, there is no way of knowing how quickly, and the amount of ‘stuff’ you feel you have to deal with is not usually an indicator of how long it will take, so don’t be put off by that.

I have never seen a client for more than 5/6 consecutive sessions for the same issue. My intention is to get to the root of the problem, so that it’s released and you are free of it. If I am unable to help you, I will tell you. This is why I recommend a free telephone consultation.


I have face-to-face clinic appointments available in Hull (Preston area) where I am currently based. However, I have many international clients whom I treat via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.



When treating a client remotely, I ask the client to set aside a time where they can enjoy privacy and comfort for the duration of the treatment session (60 minutes).

In the first part of the session we discuss the issues at hand, and your desired goals. How do you want to feel after treatment? For the second part of the session, the client will sit or lay in a comfortable position with the laptop/device pointing towards them so I have a good view of the upper body, whilst I use my voice to relax them.



I can also record (some) treatments, if you do not have the option to do a remote session. This is popular with single parents/carers, who have no option for childcare, or individuals in shared accommodation. This option uses a telephone consultation, and then listening to an individually created, recorded treatment (sent via email or WhatsApp), at the client’s convenience.

The benefit of remote sessions is; no travel time or travel cost. It provides access to treatment if you are not local to Hull, or work away. It is also a brilliant first step for individuals whom may experience severe anxiety that is preventing them from leaving their home.


Are you ready to find out exactly how Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy can help you? Then send me a text/call me on 0783 322 8414 email me on e. info@shs-hypnotherapy.co.uk