Suzannah Miller

‘Be the person you chose to be’

My Qualifications

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
BSc (Hons) Accredited by the British Psychological Society
CNLP, D.Hyp (GQHP), From Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Fully insured, Enhanced DBS, Works under Clinical Supervision


Stress, Anxiety (including COVID related), Confidence, Depression, PTSD & Phobias (Rewind® Technique), Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Relationship Breakdown and practiced in much more. Please ask.

Practice Details:

Tel: 0752 635 0213

Email: info@shs-hypnotherapy.co.uk

Website: www.shs-hypnotherapy.co.uk

Practice in Hull HU9 area and On-Line (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype)

Professional Registrations: feel free to copy the logo’s onto the site

GHR – General Hypnotherapy Register, GHSC – General Hypnotherapy Standards Council


CNHC – Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council 

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(PATT foundation is an umbrella company for the GTF and OHOF below)

Green Task Force /  One Hull Of Forest



I have nearly 20 years professional therapeutic experience, working with adults, teenagers and children as young as five.

I have worked for Hull and Croydon Local Authorities in education based roles. This spanned over 16 years in a range of special needs settings and a top performing convent school.

I also have two years therapeutic experience in psychiatric inpatient care (mother & baby, neuropsychiatry, CAMHS intensive care, forensic psychiatry).

My working career has been varied and fulfilling and has led me to study (and apply) humanistic counselling, a psychology degree, learning mentoring, solution focussed brief therapy, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) skills, DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy) skills, NLP and clinical hypnotherapy.

My therapeutic style is integrative and uses the different therapies mentioned above.

I take the time to get to know my clients and then devise a personalised package of treatment to suit each individual.

I fell in love with hypnotherapy after using it to treat some personal issues of my own (anxiety, depression, exam stress, relationship issues). It was after only 4 sessions, for a particularly pervasive problem that had troubled me for 11 years, that I decided to train as a hypnotherapist. I graduated with honours from the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and I have never looked back!

The directors were so impressed with me, after observing me on the course that they offered me a locum position, immediately after graduation. They could see that I was already a practicing therapeutic worker who had read beyond the hypnotherapy training course. I was already developing my own unique person-centred style of therapy and was invited as a guest lecturer on the hypnotherapy diploma.


How I differ from other therapists is that I do not encourage clients to pre-book sessions unnecessarily. There may be suggested treatment packages for some difficulties, like weight issues. However, I avoid convincing people to spend money in advance, just to keep me in business. Firstly, everyone is different so there is seldom a one size fits all. Also, if you are feeling better, then I love nothing more than to discharge you.

There’s no better feeling that that I get from seeing a client becoming well again. There is also no better advertising than a client who recovers quickly (without breaking the bank) who tells their friends about me. This has earned me many recommendations because my clients can see and feel my genuine integrity. Likewise, if you’re particular difficulty is not within my sphere of competence, or I think you will be better with a different type of therapy, I will sign post you to a different therapist or agency.

I work within a multi-skilled clinic so there are other treatments available.

My clients and friends tell me that I am warm, kind and genuine. I laugh a lot and have a happy go lucky disposition.

I have a lot of lived experience myself which I think helps to empathise with other people. I also have daily meditative style practice. This allows me to remain calm, compassionate and to develop my wisdom.

I am constantly reading hypnotherapy and psychology text books to ensure I remain up to date with the latest techniques.

I also attend regular CPD training sessions with internationally renowned hypnotherapists. The most recent training in my portfolio was on autoimmune conditions such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis, alopecia, psoriasis, fibromyalgia and more.

Hypnotherapy can help you with certain autoimmune conditions by retraining the mind and body to improve immune function (Ruzyla-Smith, 1995).

This can therefore alleviate symptoms and allow patients to live a happier more fulfilled life.

Are you ready to find out exactly how solution focussed hypnotherapy can help you? Then send me a text/call me on 0752 635 0213 email me on e. info@shs-hypnotherapy.co.uk